Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Do you want your life to give you importance

Have you ever feel that your life is not giving you that much importance as much you are expecting? 

Well the truth is your are getting what you are doing.

Want to feel much importance? ... Come with me.

  • Try to remember everything what is important in your life, like your beloveds birthday, your parent's marriage anniversary, your friend's birth days.
  • Every day wake up and take a look of calender. What is the date today? which day is this? is this day have any special event ? ..............Grab all this and remember.
  • Keep a clock in front of you with perfect time. Do everything at time. Be Punctual. Don't be late anywhere.
  • Take a look on your spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Daily practise typing a portion of your daily news paper in MS WORD. 
  • Give your appearance a bit importance, You don't need to be stylish. just wear clean and proper clothes, in a proper way.
  • Respect everyone(Love and hate both are them who deserves and hate  Who deserve hatred. Don't ever respect who are insects of drain of this world what i actually mean are those criminals who doesn't even have a 2 cm of heart. Don't respect them who doesn't respect Anyone in there life).
  • What ever you are doing, do it by loving it. Don't do anything forcibly. Do what you love Or bring love to what you are doing.
  • Take care of your family your beloveds and most importantly of your own-self. If you love yourself everyone will love you(This is not any magic. It is just a simple logic, when you take care of yourself you will see your parents are helping you in that, that means they also started to care much more about you.).
  • Confess if have done something wrong, to yourself. Ask yourself to forgive you and then just simply forget about it and go ahed but promise to yourself that you will never do such thing again.( No one is greater forgiver of yourself than you, You know what guilt or pain is? It's just our own creation.)
  • Feel the life and enjoy it. (But don't just enjoy it, do every necessary work you need to do for you living as well as helping your birth givers. You know the real god is our work. Our did make us sinners and it only make us Rabindranath Tagore, Swami vivekanand. If you do good you will receive good and vice-versa.)

Are you not feeling now after doing this you are getting what you wanted?

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