Sunday, 3 March 2013


What is concentration, have you ever thought of it. Most of us complaint about forgetting small things like names, or recently read some word or any date or what ever it may be, you think its your poor memory power, but it's not always that. It may be you are not giving much importance to that, which means you are suffering from lack of concentration.Which means you are not putting in much concentration to the work you are doing.
                               When you do a work or while reading anything, give it much importance and put your full concentration on the job. When we,while doing a particular job, think about something else it makes our brain to divert to some another place as a result of which neither we remember what we just did and sometimes nor that what we were thinking about. It's because due to lack of concentration neither we given importance to the job and not the thought which without reason comes to our mind. 
                               We can make our concentration much better with our will power, if we once prepare ourselves to concentrate on the only job which is in hand at that time then we can easily over come this.
                                Some times it makes us feel stupid when we forgot names of persons we have been already introduced to. It's only us for whom we need to change, not for anyone else. If we make ourselves better it will give benefits to us only. And with this we can take care of our surroundings( Parents, Friends,Spouse,Society,Colleagues,Boss), they all will star value you, when you will value yourself.

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