Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mobile: For And Against.


  • Mobile is a very useful gadget, any body can contact anyone in any emergency.
  • Mobile had given us a way of easy communication.
  • Any information can be transmitted within a second by calling from it or just by sending a Text message.
  • Today's advanced technologies had also introduces video calling which enables us to talk face to face without being in real present there.
  • It's very portable and can be taken to anywhere with us.
  • It's very easy to use also.
  • At any need one can call some one for help.
  • Many criminal cases are also solved by tracing mobile phones, hence it's also helps in maintaining law and order sometimes.
  • Internet in mobiles helps us to stay in contact with many peoples.


  • Miss use of mobiles are also present in our society, students use it as a mode for cheating in exams. Which ultimately leads to their failure.
  • Some missuses of internet are also their.
  • long uses of mobile phones can lead to health damage, Conversing hours on cellphone may lead to deafness.
  • Keeping mobile in pocket of shirt(keeping it in touch of heart)can lead to several heart problems.
  • Many terrorism plannings are made through this mediums.
  • Over use of mobiles by students sometimes cause fall in their productivity.

To conclude we can say, Mobile is a really very useful as well as a hazardous. It depends on how a person is using it.

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