Sunday, 10 March 2013

Personality Graph.

What is personality, It the sum total of intelligence, memory, attitude, behaviour, character, how we present ourselves, how we speak to peoples, self confidence, decision making(right time right thing) and many more things.
Our brain has an incredible memory space, more than lakhs of neuron. But some of us complaint abour our week memory, what really it is is that they don't give much concentration on anything. The conclusion is if we Concentrate on any things it becomes very easy to achieve it. We can express it as:-

    Personality(P)=Concentration(Intelligence+ Memory +Attitude+Behaviour+Character+ How we present ourselves +How we speak to peoples+ Self confidence+ Decision making)

That is if we multiply Concentration with the factors of personality then we can develop our personality to a much better.

Law of Personality:
This law states that there is a positive correlation between Concentration & Personality.
That is, when concentration increases personality also increase.

In the figure when Concentration(c)=c1 then personality was p1, then when c increased to c2 then personality also increased to p2, that is personality developed.

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