Sunday, 10 March 2013

What is the meaning of life?

Let us understand with a formula. i.e, Life(L)=Time(T)
                    Let's discuss it for better understanding.
What is time? time is running from before the birth of earth and it will continue even after destruction of earth.
When you take birth your time starts from then you can calculate your age according to time also, am i right? okay. Now see your time will continue till your death, which means your life is nothing but the time span which you live in this world. So, we can now come to a conclusion that, L=T.
Therefore if we wast time it means we are wasting life? right? So in contrary When we utilize time it will mean that we are utilizing our life.

We have been gifted with a gift of life, we should value time so as to value the gift of life. Because killing time is = killing oneself.

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